Gentle Chiropractic Services

Our chiropractic care is a gentle approach that is both effective and specific to each patient. Dr. Melissa Waszak has studied the art of chiropractic care and can identify areas along your spine and how they communicate to other parts of your body. The adjustments you’ll receive will gradually take the pressure off the nervous system and thus restore the function of your body the way it was intended.

Needle-Free Acupuncture

Always wanted to try acupuncture, but hate needles? We’ve got you covered.  Dr. Waszak uses a mixture of “east meets west” when it comes to acupuncture by using a special instrument which stimulates acupuncture points to produce the same results without needles. We’re able to achieve the same results as traditional acupuncture this way.

Though we may not offer all the same services as other Chiropractors in Omaha, we have a great network of chiropractors and can help you find a perfect fit. As always, we are pro-patient (which sometimes means that you’re not with us)